New Slots from Yggdrasil


Swedish game developer for the online casino company Yggdrasil Gaming announced the release of the new slots. New game for online casinos, with 7 different images of viruses and 5 pay lines will be called «Cyrus the Virus».

The game was developed with the help of the framework Yggdrasil 2.0, enabling customers to online casinos to play the slots, not only on desktop computers but also on mobile gadgets. The developer promises that the new UI will be presented in viral slots and games downloads will be much faster.

The free spins will also be available in the game, a new concept free spins from Yggdrasil, in which the operator can provide an infinite number of free spins for some segments of its customers. It is the absolutely new way of playing, you can experience it at Sweden and Norwegian casinos on the site with free slots, where it has become very popular. Slots have excellent graphics and offer a great chance to get not only the pleasure of gaming but also to win a large sum of money.

Frederick Elmkvist, executive director of the Yggdrasil Gaming, commented on the new online slots: «Cyrus The Virus is the extremely contagious slot with a beautiful combination of rich graphics and exciting gameplay. In spite of the simple rules of the game, players can also enjoy the game process and frustrate the gain is much greater than in other similar games. “

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