In honor of the upcoming holidays “Operation Snowstorm” is launched in Overwatch


Despite the relatively small age of Overwatch, seasonal events have already become an important part of the game. And such big holidays like Christmas and New Year, of course, Blizzard could not ignore.

From December 13 to January 2 Overwatch becomes “Winter’s Tale.” In “Arcade” you will find a special mode “Operation Snowstorm”: on the decorated map “Station Antarctica” two teams of six May fight. Only instead of the freeze rays and icicles, their blasters throw fluffy snowballs. Snow makes the enemy with a single touch, but after each shot, you need to sculpt a new shell in special drifts.

In the “Operation Snowstorm,” you can earn unique achievements and graffiti. In addition, the card “Hanamura” and “King’s Row” were covered with snow, and the cart turned into Santa’s sleigh. These two locations have become the central theme of another brawl in “Arcade”, where you have to fight with random characters.

And, of course, the most important thing in “Winter’s Tale”, new guises (alas, Angela seductive costumes did not get), emotion, graffiti, icons for Profile, replicas and victory poses that can only be obtained during the event. Conventional containers are replaced by holidays, it falls from at least one winter thing.